Wedding Video

Your wedding day is one of a handful of milestone events in your life. Traditionally, a wedding is religious ceremony, the joining of two lives into one by a commitment made in the presence of and blessed by a higher power. There is a sanctity of decorum which must be preserved whether the wedding is held in a church or an open field. Most of the ceremony is held with the Bride and Groom having their backs to the congregation. As a videographer, the Ceremony creates the biggest challenge for me. Shooting the ceremony from the perspective of the Officiant is what everyone wants. You must be aware that the Officiant of your wedding has the power to decide how the wedding can be recorded. Many Officiants do not allow cameras and / or videographers to be in the sanctuary of the Church. To be perfectly clear, as a videographer; my job is to capture the wedding ceremony rather than direct and produce it. I prefer to have people wonder HOW I got the video of the ceremony when they DIDN'T see me!

Making your wedding video live up to your expectations requires communication between the videographer / editor and you - the Bride and Groom. Like a wedding planner, catering manager, and Officiant; I've been through this before. You, not so much. My mission is to work closely with you, explaining the various aspects of the event and the technical aspects of the production to create a vision and budget of the video. The success of this process is greatest when the planning process begins in concert with the planning of the wedding.

Production Planning

  • Coordination with the Officiant to determine limitations.
  • Coordination with the Reception facility for setup and schedule.
  • Coordination with Photographer for planned locations and "field trips".
  • Coordination with wedding planner for the schedule of events.

Available Production Aspects

  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Preparing for the wedding
  • Pre-wedding Interviews
  • The Ceremony
  • The Photographer's Session
  • The Reception
  • Bridal Party and Guest Testimonials

Events - Non Wedding

Other live event videography still requires the planning and preparation that is put into wedding videography. Communication between you - the client and the videgrapher / video editor is extremely important. Every event has a life of it's own. Examples include; yet not limited to:

  • Family Reunions
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Funerals
  • Sporting Events

Just When you have an event that you want to be remembered for years to come, videography is a way to preserve those moments. My equipment and post production aspects are available for all productions just as they are for weddings. Each event production is budgeted by the individual parameters we discuss in our client meetings.

Base Package

$ 600.00 Full Day

We get it right! We make a plan with you to get all the important footage of your special day. Shoot now and edit later, you can't edit what you didn't shoot!

Included: The Ceremony edited video

Editing Packages

  • Rehearsal Dinner $ 400.00
  • Preparing for the wedding $ 200.00
  • Pre-wedding Interviews $ 200.00
  • The Photographer's Session $ 200.00
  • The Reception $ 400.00
  • Bridal Party / Guest Testimonials $ 400.00


  • 4 Full HD Cameras
  • 2 Action HD Cameras (specialty shots)
  • 2 Videographers
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Light Kit (as allowed)
  • Tripods and Support Equipment

Post Production

  • Computer Edit System
  • Library of Graphical Themes
  • Special FX Library
  • Royalty Free Music Library
  • Blu-ray / DVD w/ Album Cover Design
  • Navigational Menus and Chapters
  • Photograph Folder (Computer Access)

Video Gallery