Dance Recitals and Stage Performances

While stage performances are, to be certain, live events; they are productions that occur within the confines of a stage in a performance facility. I have worked with a number of dance schools and studios, performing arts programs, and other organizations over the past 10+ years. Because of the nature of these performances, the organizations I work with are not capturing the performance for their individual use, rather; the Blu-ray and DVD productions are offered to the performers and their families / friends. This unique relationship allows me to provide the videography and post production at little or no cost to these studios, schools, and organizations. The groups I work with are local in Michigan and other states such as in upstate South Carolina and Georgia. I can work with organizations anywhere in the continental United States providing virtually free videography and video production for their stage performances and recitals..

Production Planning

  • We coordinate with the crew at your performance location.
  • We determine best camera locations for alternate shot angles.
  • We always use the house sound feed to record main audio and microphones for audience ambiance.
  • We utilize 2- 4 cameras recording isolated for editing in post production.
  • Coordinate time to test and balance cameras to house lighting.
  • All equipment setup and test completed before doors open (provided facility access).

How this works

The way this works is mathematically simple. As an example (actual): a Georgia Dance Studio contracts me to record the spring recital. I provide:

  • 2 unmanned cameras to capture specific sections of the stage for cutaways - usually in the larger group numbers.
  • 1 unmanned camera center house taking a stage wide shot as a cutaway AND full choreography view.
  • 1 manned camera in house center which allows me to zoom and pan as required throughout the performance.

Thus I have the potential of 1 to 4 camera angles to use throughout the production.

  • I arrive from Michigan the day before the event.
  • I have already worked out the audio, lighting, and camera locations with the facility.
  • After the performance ( 2 shows 4.5 hours live ); I break down, pack up, and head home.
  • The post production takes about 6 days.
  • Duplicating, printing,, and packaging 50 Blu-ray and DVD plus shipping takes another day
  • I have +/- 10 days of work and travel.

The Dance Studio was given an order form for parents to send in and the Blu-ray / DVD can be ordered from my website. Each show is $ 28.50 for the DVD and $ 33.50 for the Blu-ray. Additionally, both shows can be ordered: $ 49.50 for DVD and $ 59.50 for the Blu-ray. There is a $ 5 discount for any order received prior to the performance and first class shipping is included.

Cost to the Dance Studio is nothing.

Length of performances determine the price per Blu-ray / DVD, however; still much less than other LOCAL companies charge for 1 camera, audio from a microphone, and no menus to find each dance. Come on, it's a kids dance not a feature movie!

Studio Cost

$ 0.00

We get information from the Studio as to the potential number of orders we should anticipate to determine if this program will be applicable. The financial risk is on us when providing videography, editing, and disc production services for an indeterminate price.


  • DVD - R 1.5 hour limit / disc
  • DVD - DL 2.5 hour limit / disc
  • Blu-ray 2 hour limit / disc
  • Complimentary Combo Blu-ray / DVD provided to the client.
  • Complimentary DVD Full Wide Choreography copy


  • 4 Full HD Cameras
  • 2 Action HD Cameras (specialty shots)
  • 1 Videographer
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Tripods and Support Equipment

Post Production

  • Computer Edit System
  • Library of Graphical Themes
  • Special FX Library
  • Royalty Free Music Library
  • Blu-ray / DVD w/ Album Cover Design
  • Navigational Menus and Chapters

Video Gallery