Our Gear

Having the right equipment to get the job done is important to us. Our desire is to not only have the right equipment, but also to have that equipment work together as a team.



The camera of choice in our arsenal is the SONY EX series. The sisters show here have the same specifications for a truly accurate picture. These cameras feature 3 1/2" CMOS Chips. We carry filters for outdoor and light compensating usage. There are a couple of features not available on both models.
The EX3 can change lenses, though this has never been needed.
The EX1R has a feature that will record up to 13 seconds BEFORE the record button is pressed. SONY has now incorporated this on all the XDCAM models.

Full HD
1920 x 1080 24P / 30P / 60i
1280 x 720 24P / 30P / 60P

SXS-1 Storage Card
SXS Pro Storage Card

The EX Series cameras are completely solid state in operation. There is no tape anymore. The SXS cards hold the video recordings in files. This tapeless workflow is much quicker and more reliable than tapes were.

Utilizing file based digital recording provides easy access to instantly reviewing the scenes shot and transfers lossless copies to the editing drives.

SONY Action Cam

The XR150 Camcorders are actually quite good in situations where a stationary camera on a set shot is required to get alternate angles or complimentary shots a short distances. We have 2 of these available in our arsenal. With a variety of mounting options from our grip kit, these cameras have 10 hours of recording space. Large capacity batteries can deliver 6 hours of continuous shooting. Filters are available for outdoor use.

The Action Cam is the SONY answer to the GoPro. We have two of these also. The SONY Steadishot is much better than the GoPro zone matrix. This camera features a super slow motion 120 fps at 720P and an AVC S codec to capture Full HD at 30fps and 50Mbps. Put this camera in it's underwater housing with a correcting filter and capture awesome slow motion video.


SONY UVW Wireless Microphones
Wireless Microphones
Rolls 4 CH Mixer
Field Mixer
Sony Headphones (a must have)

We strive to capture location audio as cleanly as we do video. Our SONY wireless kits are extremely rugged and dependable. Operating on UHF frequencies with multiple channel tuning, we can take them anywhere. Add a field mixer and we have the versatility to record in a variety of configurations. Of course, headphones are a must.


Manfrotto Fluid Head Tripod
Manfrotto Fluid Head Tripod
">Suction Mounted Ball Head
Suction Mounted Ball Head
">Suction Mounted Articulating Arm
Suction Mounted Arm
"> !Mini Low Rider
Mini Low Rider
">SteadiCam Pilot
SteadiCam Pilot
">SteadiCam Pilot in use
SteadiCam Pilot (in use)
">Gemini Jib
Gemini Dual Action Jib
SpyderPod Vehicle Mounting System

Camera support systems a necessary part of any shoot. We like to have a variety possibilities for situations. The tripod is a standard for many locations. Our Monopod (not pictured) works much better on a boat - less floor space - easy support. Suction mounts are highly versatile for our smaller cameras and allow angles where camera operators can't be..

The steadicam? Well, what can you say. It is an awesome tool for certain types of shots, not a replacement for other types of support.
New additions are the Gemini Jib. In the right locations, this offers a 12' up and 12' down capability. I have thought up hundreds of uses for this baby, make me use it for you!. And the Spyderpod! Got it, waiting for the right client to break it in!

Light and Grip

Helios Light Kit
Helios Light Kit
Mini Burst Light Kit
Mini Burst Light Kit
Large Reflector / Diffusion Set
Large Reflector / Diffusion
Reflector / Diffusion Kit
Reflector / Diffusion Kit
Articulation Arm & Clamp
Arm & Clamp
Green Screen Chromakey
Green Screen

Lighting is an important element in many shooting environments. We have kits for use in studio environments and one of them is highly portable and capable of battery operation. Reflectors and diffusion aids in helping tailor lighting to the specific project. Lighting is critical for the use of Chromakey. We have capability for both green and blue screen Chromakey.

Assisting with the proper design of lighting is a variety of stands, clamps, clips, filters, gels and more.