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Our Goals

We are driven by the accomplishment of a project that exceeds client expectations.

Our dedication to the vision of our client means that complacency cannot be an option. It is all about going the extra mile, to learn new techniques, to create new designs and to complete each project as if it were our own.

Late 2000 early 2001, I had the opportunity to work with Ed Primeau producing videos brochures for public speakers. After 15 years in the corporate presentation game, I added a new tool to my skillset. Editing other people's video teaches you the things to that look really good and the things that could be better. I like to think I learned how to be a better video editor and videographer.

After moving from Michigan to South Carolina, the company left the presentation portion of the business to focus on video production. From dance recitals and performance, to weddings and reunions, Oconee Media has continued to deliver on the exceptional. Together with Mad Dawg Media, television and commercial production is another facet of the business.

After 4 years in the broadcast industry, a change brought us back to Michigan where Oscoda Video was born. Now, armed with a vast arsenal of equipment, we are capable of any project that comes our way! While we are still a simple operation of a small team, our message is clear; we will be personal and hands on in every project we deliver.

And so it shall continue!

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Get to know our team

We are a small cohesive core organization with the talent of a major production company. It's all in the contacts! We bring whatever we need to each project to ensure succes.

Michael Brown Director of Video Services

Mike is the overall person in charge of daily operations.

Michael Brown, Jr.Videographer

"Junior" is learning the ropes and assisting on cameras.