Full Service Video Production

We specialize in the entire process of video production, from the planning the shoot to packaging the product. Over 15 years of experience has taught us the value of quality footage to the the success of the completed project. Make sure your next video project includes a quote from the experts at Oscoda Video!

Quality Videography = Successful Production


Videography Services at Oscoda Video

  • Weddings
  • Dance Recitals
  • Stage Performances
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Broadcast Media
  • Sporting Events
  • Legal Depositions
  • Real Estate
Audio Editing Services at Oscoda Video

Audio Editing

  • Voice Over
  • Multi-track Editing
  • Noise Reduction
  • Volume Leveling
  • Sound FX Library
  • Music Library
  • Surround Sound
  • Audio Analysis
Video Production Services at Oscoda Video

Video Editing

  • DVD / Blu-ray Production
  • Broadcast TV Programs
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Corporate Video
  • Training Programs
  • Internet Video
  • Video Analysis
  • Video Graphics


Digitally capturing moments of time as a record of past events. That's the nutshell definition of videography. Anyone can do it, most everyone does, and some of us actually know what we are doing. Some of the work we do is scripted and staged, we have the ability to "CUT" and do the shot again. Live events are dynamic in nature. We use our experience and knowledge to have the best chances of being lucky when the unexpected happens. Rather be lucky than good? No, we need to be good to get lucky!

Audio Editing

Audio sets the mood and tone of video production. Vocal audio needs to be recorded by microphones that capture the sound above the ambiance. Music tracks should reflect the intensity of the scene. We process the vocal audio with noise reduction and volume leveling for clean coherent sound. We then utilize our library of sound FX and music tracks to shape the intensity of the soundtrack.

Video Editing

Video is a storybook. A live event, such as a stage performance, can be compelling from a single camera angle. A wedding video screams to be captured from many points of view. Camera angles allow a different perspective of an event. We edit these camera angles to create a visually impactful view of events. A wedding video, for example, will display a point of view not available to the audience at the event. This is why videography is so important to the finished video production.